Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Typepad Is Down

...which is why you can't get to some of your favorite book bloggers at this hour. According to an email in my box this afternoon, the cause is "power issues at our co-location facility." The system went down just before 5 pm (Eastern DST) and the email says they're working to rectify the situation. Just thought I'd share info, given that so many of our book-blog-buddies are on that particular platform.

Yellow-Journalism-Style Update: There are apparently several different albeit interesting accounts circulating, as to the actual source of the difficulty. Other affected services appear to include Technorati, Craig's List, Live Journal and other high-profile services. Disclaimer: I have no idea how reliable the sources referenced might be.

Much More Reliable Update: The really good book-bloggers all appear to be up again.

Final and Very Funny Update: Provided by Sylvia of Classical Bookworm.