Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pesky HP Delivery Update

Okay, no sign of UPS trucks out on the major road running past my house. (What, you guys sleeping late this Saturday? Are they not paying you overtime or hazard pay? I know, I know, I'm at the tail end of the route.) It's coming up against 11:45; fortunately this MediaLoper reporter has done the homework that tells me Amazon is saying they've got UPS working up until 7pm this evening...

I cannot believe I can be saying this. But right now, rather than face an irate offspring, I am tempted to go out to Borders and buy a second copy. (That's only in jest; I raised my son with better attitude than that-- but he would still squawk a mite.)

And what is with Twitter? I still can't get on to post an update to my three followers. Are all the wretch Harry Potter fans from last night text messaging each other to say they are done with the book?