Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lists, lists, lists

You'd be better off starting with somebody else's blog today. I have not yet made up a 2007 list.

Jenclair is making up an uberlist, one with Montaigne, Voltaire and Marie Antoinette. Apparently she got the idea from Carl's uberlist.

A Reader's Journal has a list not just of participants in her Winter Classics Challenge but also her list of classics which includes Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White. Just as a point of contrast, I'm reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins for my challenge. [That's so you know I'm doing something constructive.]

Kate has a full-blown list of reading resolutions up.

Kirsten posted her list on December 18th.

Pages Turned has a nice list posted; that list includes Robinson Crusoe. Gabriel Betteredge (in The Moonstone which you know I'm reading) believes that every problem can be effectively dealt with via a pipe of tobacco and a re-read of Robinson Crusoe. [I'm just making conversation here.]

Mary doesn't need to make a list because she has the eighth edition of The Norton Anthology.

Didi's got a list . Her classes haven't started up yet so she's getting ahead early.

The Literary Feline has a *lovely* list with clever categories and everything.

Reading Matters has a very L-O-N-G list.

Scholar's Blog offers up the CYBILS Shortlist.

Bluestalking Reader offers up a partial list of Isaac Asimov's works, given that today is his birthday.

So unless you want an office to-do list or a grocery list, I'm not really able to help you here.