Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Mary noted a quote from Zadie Smith that I'd posted a month or two back. (Thanks, Mary!) The quote has played a tug of war back and forth in my head because there are the easy books to read (like What Angels Fear which I reviewed below) and there are those books that are challenging. Do I want to read for entertainment or education? It's my primary leisure activity. I want to read something because it stimulates areas of interest for me other than those I encounter at work and in the daily grind. That means I may read The Odyssey or a history of Victorian anglo-catholicism or some frothy mystery next. (See my five books entry).

That's why that Zadie Smith quote lingers in the back of my mind. Entertainment or education? We balance between the two every time we pick up something to read from our TBR pile.

Clearly I need a new thought to chew on. This one is getting worn. Actually, Victorian anglo-catholicism has modern parallels. Maybe I'll finish up that one and review it.