Saturday, November 04, 2006

Working Up to the Challenge

I am still debating what titles I want to include on my list for the From The Stacks Winter Challenge. (Visit Overdue Books to learn more.) I've got two definites:

  1. The Well Educated Mind - Susan Wise Bauer
  2. The Battle for Middle Earth - Fleming Rutledge
I'd like to work my way through both of those. Throughout the other titles I've pulled, there is something of a reading-as-activity theme. I could go back to a book from a year ago, Walking A Literary Labyrinth, which I got halfway through before being interrupted. It deserves additional attention. I have two titles by Nicholas Basbanes (A Splendor of Letters and Every Book Its Reader). I have another book, The Things That Matter, by Mendelson (picks up on life stages in seven classics including Frankenstein, Jane Eyre and Middlemarch). I have an older book from Oxford University Press, Murder Will Out: The Detective in Fiction. For that matter, I could finally read Mary Barton, because I really do like Elizabeth Gaskell.

Hey, at least the first two are set....