Monday, November 27, 2006

Something to consider

JenClair over at A Garden in the Pocket is having trouble with her Bloglines account so I wanted to post something here and I do hope she sees it. I commented at her blog but don't know if it "took".

The Flock browser (downloadable from has a wonderful reader for capturing blog feeds. The code is actually quite robust as it is modelled on the same code as the Firefox browser but Flock was actually designed as a browser for bloggers. The functionality allows you to read the feeds from other blogs and then capture a URL or an item and post it to your own blog (all via the browser itself). It's supposed to be good for pictures as well (although I've never used that particular function in Flock). It's a young release as it's only up to version 0.7; it will be up to version 1.0 before the New Year. And it doesn't yet support Beta Blogger (again it is supposed to be upgraded to support the Beta version by year's end). But it's a good, solid tool if you're inclined to try something new! Email me if you want more details. Jillmwo (at) gee-mail dot com.