Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scatter Ye Links While Ye May

In the midst of preparations for the return of offspring #1 and #2 from college, one or two things showed up on my radar today.

  • Bookplates appear to be a circulating meme this month, and thus I found this blog devoted to antique varieties.
  • The dragon bookplate at right was found at My Home Library and was created by artist Chris Riddell. See here for useful information about the artist.
  • I have successfully inveigled my friend, Didi, into blogging about her reading as well. Minute Marginalia -- what a great name for a book blog! I am so jealous that I didn't think of it first.
  • Didi acts as hostess for a group of us to meet monthly to discuss either a mystery or a sci-fi/fantasy selection. This time round (and admittedly off-topic with regard to the book we'd chosen) the group got somewhat exercised over whether or not the famous Lenore (referenced in Poe's The Raven) was in fact actually dead. Apparently, there is a school of literary thought that believes that Lenore has merely gone from the narrator of the poem for reasons of her own and he, being none too mentally stable, refers to her as lost when what he really means is "dead to me..." Personally, I adhere to the really-most-sincerely-dead school of thought. I do recall offspring #1 telling me that he had been taught in high school English that the narrator of "The Telltale Heart " might well be female. That theory actually seems plausible to me.
  • I think my next From-The-Stacks book will be the collection of essays by Nicholas A. Basbanes, The Splendour of Letters (link to the work on Librarything ).
And can someone please explain to me why HTML bullets in Blogger don't display after you have published a post, despite the bullets displaying appropriately in the wysiwyg editor? Why is that?