Thursday, June 07, 2007

Starting The Odyssey

I thought I'd offer up the news that finally, *finally*, I have begun The Odyssey. I had promised Didi months back that I would do it and I'm making a good start. I'm up to the end of Book 4 (just 20 more to go...). I do like Pallas Athena as presented in Robert Fagles' translation.

The first two books of Fagle's translation of The Odyssey positively crackle with energy. In these opening chapters, we are chiefly aware of two personalities – Athena, the athletic and intelligent goddess who seizes an opportunity to end Odysseus' exile, and Telemachus, Odysseus' son who is too well-aware of the damage being done by the suitors for his mother's hand and the threat to Odysseus' throne. Athena is the motivating power and she encourages Telemachus to seize an opportunity to seek out news of his wayward father and king and restore balance.

Really rather fun!