Sunday, April 29, 2007

Piles Like This Are Never Stable

A teetering, tipping, toppling pile of books. (Essentially, this translates to a poker-like equivalent of "I'll see your Thursday Thirteen and raise you to a Sunday Sixteen!")

The official status of my TBR pile(s):


(1) Few Eggs and No Oranges
(2) A Woman's Place: 1910 -1975
(3) More Letters From Pemberley
(4) Middlemarch
(5) The Odyssey
(6) Armadale
(7) Heart of Darkness
(8) The Heir of Redclyffe
(9) The Ladies of Grace Adieu
(10) Weight
(11) Silent in the Grave


(12) How Novels Work


(13) The Lions of Al-Rassan
(14) Shardik
(15) Tooth and Claw
(16) Little Men

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Posts like this are a form of procrastination (at least for me...)