Sunday, April 01, 2007

Books I'm Slowly Getting To (or Through) In April

1. Idylls of the King - Because I love Arthurian myth and because I really don't read enough poetry.
2. The Water Room - Because Didi's book group meets in ten days and I had intended to take this with me on the plane to Arizona (but didn't).
3. An Infinity of Little Hours - Because books about monastic practice and deeply held faith fascinate me; for the record, this is both riveting and readable. Right at the moment, it has my full attention.
4. Ex Libris - because I have to talk about it at the end of the month at the township library. Of course, my husband moved my paperback copy from the dining room to somewhere in the living room and now I have to actually *find* it.

I had thought to participate in the "Once Upon a Time" challenge proposed by Carl, but I seem to be drawn elsewhere at the moment.