Friday, March 02, 2007



Just what we needed, right? More choices...

Update: I wasn't very clear on what I was thinking here. It's the time thing that I think is getting to me. I chose very short books to read in the past two months so that I could feel like I was actually getting through something in the very stressed, time-crunched period before my Annual Conference. But even working through those was sometimes problematic. And that's why I end up watching DVDs of old BBC productions sometimes, rather than reading through The Odyssey or Middlemarch. Less effort put in, but still some sense of having gotten through something (non-work-related) that was still stimulating and/or worthwhile.

So I'm grateful for the various choices available to me (which is what the linked Wired story is about), but I wish I wasn't having to make those choices in the first place. Can't everyone just slow down a bit?