Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Totally Iced In

Okay, everyone else in the blogosphere seems to be having attractive photogenic winters (see here, here, and here). In my area, we just get gray clouds, ice, sleet and what might charitably be called snow (otherwise known as slush-and-muck). Of course, we can't compete with this.

We have finally gotten a real taste of the storms that have plagued the rest of the country; in the Northeast, this generally means everyone jumps into their cars and rushes to the store to buy bread, eggs, and milk. This ice storm seems to be severe enough that I'm not seeing even much of that type of traffic. The wind howling around the house is rattling the garage door and finding access to the house in every single draft point. What's of greater concern is that tomorrow is supposed to be one of the Arctic-blast days so unless stuff melts this afternoon (temps topping out at a rip-roaring 34 degrees) then this daunting ice, sleet, and wind will impact on life for a few more days at any rate.

On the upside, it's a guilt-free day when the office is officially closed. Legitimate donning of sweats, warm socks and a hoodie to keep warm. Books, hot chocolate and no phone calls from those vague souls who have just realized that they need a hotel room.

On the downside, we have exactly seven working days before the Annual Conference (two weeks from today, it will all be over). Someone has to be in the office to field those calls, pack boxes and cajole the hotel into yielding up one more room to our wayward attendees.

By the way, if that's your image I've tripped across and used above, please email me. I don't mean to infringe; I just can't recall where I found it. (Which feeble statement certainly wouldn't protect me from either the MPAA or the RIAA in terms of piracy.)