Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Word of the Year

Another 4pm-in-the-afternoon blog entry; I'm not sure these really count as they are invariably short.

At any rate, Merriam-Webster Online is inviting those of us who lurk on the Web to vote on the Word of the Year 2007. Interesting list, although I'm not sure why some of those words are there. I mean, occasionally one does yell out "w00t!" while sitting in front of the computer monitor, but I'm not sure that a word spelled with double-zeros in the middle contributes to the language much. Words like charlatan and Pecksniffian have been around for a long time, and I can't say that 2007 deserves them more than any other year I've suffered through. But there is a word that's applicable to us book-blogging types and one, I'm sure, that has been sadly under-utilized. Sardoodledom. Now there's a word! It specifically applies to drama and is used to suggest a mechanical plot and bad characterization in the work. That's the one I'm voting for.

So that next bad DVD you fling at the wall in disgust after losing 90 minutes of your life? Just blog about it and use the word "sardoodledom". The rest of us will know what you mean.