Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas To-Do List

Look at the Father Christmas in the picture. *I* think he's looking overwhelmed by that sack of toys on his back. My To-Do list for Christmas is kind of like that, too.

Okay, I confess that I'm past the point where I can come home at the end of the work day and cheerily wrap presents for immediate and distant family members. Given the bizarre construction of most packaging of electronics these days, gift bags and tissue paper seem like a splendid approach. I bless the under-paid artist at Hallmark who came up with the small square felt stockings designed to be wrapping for music CDs (which have been used for the past three Christmases). But I'm sure my mother's training will kick in at some point; I'll end up eyeballing the paper to see if it will adequately cover a rectangular shirt box that has been recycled five times over and try to gauge whether the red ribbon bought at Acme matches the red in the paper from Hallmark. So I figure I'll wrap tomorrow, preferably in the morning.

Groceries and baking -- I need to pick up buttermilk for the soda bread and a loaf of French bread for the overnight French Toast. I am going to plunk down big bucks for a huge roast that will feed the four of us 'til Epiphany. That'll happen on Saturday.

My husband's stocking looks mighty thin at this point so a trip to Staples will probably be required.

I have to run to the bank to deposit a check which will allow me to get money out of the ATM.

I will want to sit down at some point and write at least one of the five different blog posts about books like The Minister's Daughter, Indiscretion, and The Franchise Affair. I will want to sit down and watch a DVD appropriate to the season. I will want to sit down and talk to my sons.

Somewhere in there, I'll mutter about New Years Resolutions and Getting Organized. But now I must end because my son wants me to come watch Rudolph with him.