Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From InsideHigherEd

This news story from InsideHigherEd discusses statistics released by the National Science Foundation regarding scientific and engineering degrees and their relation to work assignments later in life. Quoting from the story, "Engineering, math and computer science bachelor’s degree recipients were the least likely to pursue advanced degrees outside of science and engineering; only 17 percent of them did so. Only about 40 percent of engineering, math, and computer science bachelor’s recipients sought an additional degree, as compared to 60 percent of physical sciences bachelor’s degree recipients, 49 percent of social sciences bachelor’s recipients, and 57 percent of life sciences bachelor’s recipients." I guess that means offspring #1 (a comp sci major) is unlikely to follow in mother's footsteps by becoming a librarian. Or at least that the likelihood would be better had he decided to go into history or political science.